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Combating Perth Heat – Hair Extension Summer Care

Summer can wreak havoc on the most beautiful tresses. Sun, salt water, chlorine, sweat, extra washing – these all damage even the healthiest hair, and hair extensions, no matter how high quality they are, can suffer the effects of the hot season every bit as much as natural hair, if not more so.

If tape extensions are made from human hair, they can be treated just as you would your own natural hair. Summer living poses more of a threat to the bonding tape. Bonds become most fragile when they get wet.

  • Go swimming, but don’t allow the hair to soak in the water for too long
  • Dry the hair and head as soon as you get out of the ocean or pool
  • Rough-dry the bonds every time they get wet; the rest of the hair can air-dry
  • When swimming, keep hair in a low, loose bun or loosely braided. This will prevent tangling. A ponytail isn’t recommended, as it adds extra tension to the tape bonds.

Lotions and hair products can also pose a threat to tape bonds. For example, sunscreens applied to the face can cross into the hairline and this can cause the ends of the tape near the hairline to lift.

  • Always wash your hands after applying skin lotions of any kind.
  • Avoid allowing lotion residue to get into the hair from the face or neck.

Take care with your tape in extensions:

  • Shampoo no more than two or three times a week at absolute most. Once a week is better.
  • Shampoo and condition as you would your normal hair – but be gentle. Don’t scrub, bunch, or rub the hair.
  • Use a high quality, sulphate-free salon product.
  • Leave-in conditioners are highly recommended to keep extensions hydrated. But…
  • Don’t apply conditioner to the roots – keep it at least two inches (five centimetres) away from the roots at all times.
  • Don’t apply a large number of scalp oil treatments – these can loosen the bond on the tape.
  • De-tanglers are great (not applied to the roots) as extensions tend to tangle more readily than does natural hair.
  • Brush the hair regularly; gently and not from the roots but starting at the ends. Use an extension-specific brush. Hold the tape bonds to avoid pulling on them.
  • Wear a hat in the sun
  • Visit your salon stylist regularly for maintenance

Australian heat, especially that experienced in Perth, can be brutal on hair and even the best hair extension product. Follow the tips above to keep your hair and extensions looking their best all summer – no matter how hot and humid it gets!