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Tape Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions


MIKA professional is one of Australia’s leading hair extension brands. Used and loved by celebrities, fashion icons and celeb hair stylists. MIKA is renowned for ensuring the best quality and newest methods in the hair extension market.

MIKA utilize the latest trends in the ever changing hair extension world. Tape extensions are one of most exciting methods available. Hair extensions are now easy to conceal, remove and leave no damage.

Tape hair extensions are one of the most popular permanent methods on the market. They are comfortable, natural, easy to maintain and great for blending various colours which match different tones perfectly.

At Perth Hair extensions, we can’t rave about the MIKA brand enough. We’ve trialled and tested the brand in our own hair and love it.

The MIKA brand is Russian quality remy grade hair, which is also double drawn – which makes the extensions thick from top to bottom.

Most salons provide single drawn hair, which a is cheaper to purchase but is thinner at the ends

When you come in for a personalized consultation we will show you the MIKA brand in comparison to other brands we have trialled and will be able to show you the significant difference in weight and thickness.

We stock all natural colours and our stylists are able to balayge blend for any coloured blonde.