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Perth Tape Hair Extensions


Perth Human Hair Extensions Versus Synthetic Cheap Hair Extensions

The decision to get hair extensions involves more than just deciding how long you want to go. Not only must you determine which application method will work best for you (and we stand by our philosophy that the premium method is tape extension), you’ll need to decide whether to spend more on human hair extensions, or go for synthetic cheap hair extensions. Perth salons like ours have professionals who can guide you in your decision.

Human hair extensions can be washed and basically treated as you would your natural hair, with extra care taken at the scalp. They offer shine and movement, and are very versatile. They last a long time, look natural, and are very easy for clients and stylists to work with. As such, they cost more than synthetic extensions.

Synthetic (cheap) hair extensions are very sensitive to sun exposure, humidity, and heat of any kind. Made from plastic fibres, they can’t be styled. The style is pre-set into the extension. While it’s true that recent technological advances have resulted in a product far superior to that available a decade ago, it is no match for human hair. It’s also important to know that it is flammable!

What you need to know:

Human hair extensions:

  • Blend with you natural hair
  • May be dyed, styled, heated, straightened, and curled
  • Feel silky and soft, like your natural hair
  • Come in natural colours
  • Don’t fade
  • Last longer

Synthetic hair extensions:

  • Can’t be dyed or styled
  • Can’t be heated, curled, or straightened
  • Are not silky or soft, and do not blend with natural hair well
  • Quickly fade and tangle

Human hair extensions are by far the superior product, and they represent the best value for money. Though you will pay more for human hair, you’re getting a long-term product which will look fantastic and be surprisingly easy to care for.

While human hair extensions can be expensive, there are more cost effective options, as human hair comes in different grades which are priced accordingly. At Perth Tape Hair Extensions, we always use top grade product which is internationally recognised. Our pricing structure is competitive and you’ll find no better quality or value in all of Perth.

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